Our brief collection of animated videos and virtual themes created can help you understand our efficiency.
Why to choose Auksin Technology?

Auksin is one point destination for all your animation and other software consultancy services. We proffer you with most time savvy and cost savvy solutions. We have always been prime prevalence of many clienteles because of quality and top-notch work we actualize. With paramount, qualified and experienced workforce, we promise to deliver best to help you getting edge in business place.

How to get started?

We are at your service 24*7. You can reach out to us via call, chats or mails anytime. 1. Go to our packages page 2. Choose the package which suits you best and click select package 3. Fill in your information in the form and click submit We are ready for negotiations and free trails (When needed).

What all countries you deal with?

We have clients across the globe and our standard processes have given us success in delivering quality irrespective of geographical boundaries.

What are the payment terms?

A 50% deposit is required before starting the project and remaining 50% is made after the video is complete with your satisfaction. In case the duration of the video is more than agreed, extra charges are based on pro data basis as per your package.

What are the different packages you offer?

Packages varies from project to project you are opting for. After your queries are placed, we would be suggesting plans best suitable. We will proffer proposals which are cost and time savvy righteous to meet all your requirements.

What are the modes of Payment?

1. Paypal 2. Wire Transfer 3. Credit Card 4. Cheque (for domestic client)

How to communicate to SPOC during workflow?

In case of any query, you can reach out to our account manager via mail. We will revert on an urgent basis and avail you with best possible solutions.

What is the process for cancellation?

We would be readily available for all your queries and sort them out in best possible way as well. But if you feel need to abort the process at any stage, it shall be done on a mutual agreement basis. Payment would be drawn back from the whole pre-agreed amount, till the phases approved by you.